Our commitments

CDC Arkhinéo operates a service for secure archiving of digital data with the following characteristics:



CDC Arkhinéo provides trustworthy storage of the deposited electronic documents in order to guarantee the probative value and secure storage of archives. Therefore, when an archive is deposited we carry out various steps such as checking the metadata, timestamp, fingerprint calculation, seal, indexation and archive chain.



Sustainability is ensured by verifying and validating document formats. We ensure long-term compliance with regulations for 10, 20, 30 years and more.



The security of the data entrusted to CDC Arkhinéo is a constant priority. This security is ensured on various levels:

- Certification of compliance with national and international reference standards. 
- Infrastructure. 
- Service access.



All information on the life cycle of the archives (upload, consultation, extension of storage period, destruction and retrieval) is recorded. In the same way, any event on the system itself is recorded (including actions by employees responsible for platform administration). This information provides additional pieces of evidence.



You can at any time request that all of the entrusted documents and associated pieces of evidence be returned to you on different supports.