The archived documents can be accessed online 24/7. The consultation service can be used in several ways.


From your business applications connected to the CDC Arkhinéo platform (by integrating calls to the functions of our REST Web API). In this case, your documents on our platform can therefore be automatically consulted from your business application and no knowledge of any special consultation tool is required.


To search the archived documents, the user enters their search criteria known as metadata. The metadata consists of key words used to categorise the documents. E.g. creation date, document type, author, document reference, project, item no., account no., etc... They are defined according to your business logic and types of document. They then get a list of documents matching their criteria and can view them or find out more about their origin and traceability or access the archive life cycle log, etc.



Via the MyArkhineo mobile app (iOS or Android) which works in the same way as the web consultation portal.


How is integrity guaranteed?

The digital fingerprint sealed in the archive is checked each time the archive is consulted, thus guaranteeing that the presented archive object is identical to the one deposited.

Furthermore, periodic processes scan all the archives, on a quarterly basis, to ensure that the quality of the support and the availability and integrity of the various copies of the archive are maintained.