LOGITAS SA is a trusted third party that specialises in validating and storing software repositories and, more generally, IT property. Its objective is to offer partners from the IT world a 'Repository' system which is credible enough in terms of content deposited, validation (completeness, consistency, operability, etc.) and procedures for delivering copies of these deposits, to be effective in case the usual developers experience a maintenance failure. For 15 years LOGITAS has been taking and storing software deposits that are technically complete enough to be effective as both backup for development teams and also proof of intellectual property, civil or contractual liability or response to requirements of regulatory or fiscal authorities, etc.

-    CDC Arkhinéo's Electronic Archiving Service has been certified by a third party in compliance with the Z42-013 standard, revised in 2009, for 'enhanced' security.
-    CDC Arkhinéo has approval for electronic archiving of documents for local authorities.

CDC Arkhinéo, a trusted third-party archiver and subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts, has been granted first approval by the Ministry of Culture to store public archives and records for authorities.