HDS (Hébergement de Données de Santé - Health Data Hosting) Approval

As a result of article L1111-8 of the Public Health Code, modified by Act No. 2016-41 dated 26 January 2016 modernising the French health system, any establishment (hospital, pharmaceutical or analytical laboratory, etc.) and any healthcare professional is obliged to use an HDS-approved host for the preservation of personal health data.

This HDS approval is issued for a three-year period by the minister responsible for health after the French data protection authority CNIL has given its opinion and an approval committee, specially created to assist the minister, has also given its opinion.

Approval is issued if the host is able to provide ethical, technical, financial and economic guarantees.
Personal health data can therefore be preserved only by establishments or by an external HDS-approved host.
Regarding the hosting of this health data, the person concerned may object for legitimate reasons.