CDC Arkhinéo is a Qualified and Trusted Service Provider for the validation and preservation of electronic signatures (and seals) qualified under the eIDAS European Regulation.
The use of electronic signatures is developing very rapidly worldwide. In the case of long-term electronic preservation, the requirements in terms of maintaining the integrity of the document for the entire legal period are an essential element.

The "eIDAS" regulation of 23 July 2014 aims to strengthen confidence in electronic transactions on a European scale through the establishment of trusted services operated by highly qualified providers placed on an official European "trusted-list".

CDC Arkhinéo as a Qualified Trusted Service Provider (QTSP) under eIDAS is on this European Trust List for the validation and preservation of qualified electronic signatures (and seals).Thanks to this recognition, the CDC Arkhinéo's service offer is valid in all the countries of the European Union.

The company provides qualified trust services of:
•    Validation of qualified electronic signatures (and seals), which guarantees the legal security of a qualified electronic signature (or seal) by providing proof of validation by a duly qualified third party (CDC Arkhinéo): for each signed archive that will be consulted there will be certainty, beyond the lifetime of the 2 or 3 year limited certificate, that the signature was valid (not timed out and not revoked) at the time it was used and that the certificate was issued by a CA in itself qualified;
•    Preservation of qualified electronic signatures (and seals), which makes it possible to extend the reliability and the durability of these beyond their period of technological validity: for each archived qualified electronic signature (or seal), CDC Arkhinéo commits itself to its integrity, preservation and long-term legal admissibility; beyond the conservation dimension, this service makes it possible to guard against technological obsolescence or the compromise of the algorithms used for the signature.
The recognised Qualified Trust Service Provider thus provides the highest level of trust and durability with legal effect on a European level for electronically signed and archived documents, unlike an internal solution that does not provide these guarantees.

This high level of protection provided by CDC Arkhinéo in its capacity as eIDAS QTSP enables any company using its electronic archiving service to have legally admissible documents in case of litigation, to protect itself against possible cyber attacks and to avoid data theft.
The technology set up obviously also allows the validation and preservation of "advanced" electronic signatures (or seals) by applying a different Validation Policy (especially by using different control sources).