The Electronic Archiving System in SaaS mode has many benefits on an economic and functional level as well as when it comes to security.

Economic benefits

Using the Electronic Archiving System in SaaS mode helps to limit, or even eliminate, certain expenses:

- No prior investment (equipment, software, etc.)
- Billing for actual usage
- Reduction of costs related to space and storage operations
- Reduction of costs related to management and return of archived documents
- No administration, support and maintenance costs
- Integration with pre-existing IT equipment and software
- Reduction of paper archiving costs

Functional benefits

The configuration of the Electronic Archiving System is very comfortable to use, particularly due to the speed of performing tasks, whatever the volume of archived documents. It allows:

- Immediate access to information
- Instant location of a document
- Reduction of response time and improved quality of responses
- Sharing of access to information while complying with your access permission policies
- Optimisation of client and supplier relationships
- Absorption of archiving request peaks
- Probative value of electronic archives
- Service which can be integrated into your IT systems
- Optimisation of working time

Security benefits

Going paperless assumes elimination of the physical support: the documents are weaker and preserving them becomes a crucial issue.

The Electronic Archiving System:

- Guarantees sustainable storage
- Guarantees the integrity of archived data
- Eliminates risks of loss, destruction, modification or falsification of documents
- Preserves the company's memory and assets
- Ensures full confidentiality: the document is encapsulated and consigned in the Electronic Archiving System (EAS)
- Complies with legal regulations and standards.