+ How do you ensure the sustainability of entrusted documents?

Arkhineo has a list of formats that we recommend. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to see this list.

+ How long does it take to install an electronic archiving service?

Your Electronic Archiving Service can be operational in less than one week.

+ How long does Arkhineo store my archives?

It depends on the legal storage period (10, 20, 30 years or more).

+ Is it possible to retrieve my archives at any time or only at the end of my contract?

Both options are possible. The documents and data archived in the Electronic Archiving System are exclusively your property. Arkhineo commits to returning all of the archived documents and associated pieces of evidence to you.

+ I want to archive documents but not consult them online. Is this possible? How much would it cost?

Yes, it is possible. In this case, you only take the storage service and do not subscribe to the consultation solutions.

+ Can I retrieve my archives at the end of my contract?

Yes. The documents and data archived in the Electronic Archiving System are exclusively your property. Arkhineo commits to returning all of the archived documents (and associated pieces of evidence) to you if you wish at the end of the contract.

+ Is there an annual maintenance fee to pay?

No. The billing is monthly according to the volume, the maintenance is included in the service.

+ Is it possible to automatically archive all documents of a specific type whoever the user?

Yes. The archiving system can be fully automated and the Arkhineo team and employees are on hand to help you clearly define your needs.

+ Can I archive 20TB of data once per year?

Yes. We offer you an 'archive renewal' contract.

+ Due to the nature of my activity, I have peak periods of documents produced and of requests for returns at certain times of the year. Will your solution still be as effective at these times?

Yes, the performance is not dependent on the volume. We receive 12 archives per second (2016 average) but have experienced peaks of over 34 archives per second.

+ How can I set access permissions?

Arkhineo's technical support team will help you set them.

+ Can I determine who has permission to consult the archives online? If so, can I set access levels according to needs or hierarchy?

Yes. Access permissions are set when setting up the service. Arkhineo helps you to set them according to your needs.

+ How do I choose indexing criteria (metadata) to allow me to archive and search for my documents?

Arkhineo has defined indexing criteria for common families of documents such as invoices, delivery notes or contracts. However these criteria can be adapted according to your specific needs. New criteria can be created too.

+ My employee who was responsible for monitoring the archiving is leaving the company. What should I do?

You just need to edit the access permissions so another employee can access your Electronic Archiving System.

+ Can I just archive the documents that I consider important (manually)?

Yes, with our MyArkhineo solution you can manually archive your documents directly on a web portal.


+ What happens if there is a failure with my Electronic Archiving System?

The system is designed for there not to be any failures. The archiving systems use triple redundancy of servers at the sites and triple redundancy of sites. Whatever happens, your Electronic Archiving System is always operational.

+ What IT environment does the Electronic Archiving System run on?

The Electronic Archiving System runs on Unix and Linux.

+ Can Arkhineo be used for electronic signature of documents?

Arkhineo inserts its signature automatically in order to seal the document. However, this is an internal signature and cannot be used as a signature to show your agreement on a contract or to 'certify' that a document has been issued by you (invoice, pay slip, etc.). Here it acts as a 'seal' for your archives in order to make them uneditable and to returning your archived documents and associated pieces of evidence in full.

+ My IT system is already full. Will the Electronic Archiving System add to this?

The Electronic Archiving System is independent of your system so it will not take up additional space.

+ How should my employees' computers be configured?

The computers do not need to be configured. All that is needed to consult the archives is the identification codes (which you have set) and internet access.


+ The documents I want to archive in the Electronic Archiving System are extremely important. Is it possible to have a more stringent authentication method than a simple login and password?

Yes, the login and password are the first level of identification. Higher levels of security known as 'strong authentication' can also be put in place according to your needs (e.g. multi-factor authentication, etc.).

+ The documents I want to archive are confidential. How can I be sure they won't be read by a third party?

The documents are never opened. This ensures full confidentiality of the information contained. The fingerprint calculation is processed using binary hash coding.No recognition of syntax, semantics or coding is possible. This is one of Arkhineo's commitments as a Third Party Archiver and proves the integrity of your documents.

+ I have decided to archive my documents in my Electronic Archiving System. How can I be sure they are correctly archived?

You can request a delivery report which lists all the documents archived in the Electronic Archiving System. You can therefore be assured that your documents are correctly archived with Arkhineo and have a traceability tool.

+ Can I edit or destroy a document archived in the Electronic Archiving System?

NO. The archived document cannot be edited. However, you can work on a copy which you can edit and then also archive in the Electronic Archiving System. This copy is considered a separate document as it is different from the first one or archived on a different date (timestamp).


+ Does Arkhineo comply with the AFNOR Z 42 013 standard?

Yes, Arkhineo's Electronic Archiving System complies with this standard (which was revised in March 2009). Our service has NF 461 certification (which meets this standard and its international equivalent ISO 14641-1).

+ Do you guarantee compliance with security standards?

Yes, Arkhineo has ISO 27001 certification. This certification applies to all operations linked to the company regarding Information Security Management System (ISMS) requirements.

+ Does a digital document archived in the Electronic Archiving System have a legal value?

Yes, if the original is digital. If the original is in paper format, the digital archive also has a legal value.

+ If there is no paper original (lost or destroyed), can the digital archive take its place?

Yes, since the decree of 5th December 2016 (article 1379 of the civil code) and the order of 22nd March 2017, a digital copy is considered reliable when the copy is an identical reproduction of the document in form and content and the integrity is guaranteed over time (strict technical requirements must be followed when it comes to conditions of digitalisation).