The Electronic Archiving System in SaaS mode provides long-term archiving (with probative value) and allows instant and secure access to all your digital documents at any time.

CDC Arkhinéo provides trustworthy long-term storage of all types of electronic documents (invoices, payslips, contracts, employment contracts, information about savings and credit products, proof files, etc.).

CDC Arkhinéo has its own Data Centres, based in France, guaranteeing compliance of documents with French and European legal obligations. CDC Arkhinéo also has Data Centres in Germany.

CDC Arkhinéo supports you in your project in order to adapt it to your specific business needs and your types of documents.




CDC Arkhinéo's support team helps you to configure the EAS. They will be able to help you store your different types of documents and access them in accordance with your IT capabilities and get it working as optimally as possible.

You will therefore have an electronic archiving solution perfectly suited to your needs and budgets.




If you use us, your archives will remain your property.

As a Third-Party Archiver, CDC Arkhinéo stores the files while guaranteeing their integrity and confidentiality. CDC Arkhinéo does not process the content of documents entrusted by clients in any way. CDC Arkhinéo does not undertake any semantic analysis whatsoever on the content of the archive object. Only the file format is checked and validated. The metadata is provided in a file associated with the archive object.

The Electronic Archiving System in SaaS mode has many benefits on an economic and functional level as well as when it comes to security.

When using 100% digital processes, it is a legal obligation to use electronic archiving.

Use CDC Arkhinéo's EAS which will be able to respond to your needs through its different offers.

The different modes