Our Web API lets you connect your business applications (CRM, ERP, EDM, etc.) to our Electronic Archiving Service (EAS) and to upload and consult your archives from these.

Your IT teams can therefore create an interface for upload and consultation between your business applications (CRM, ERP, EDM) and the Arkhineo EAS. For each of the documents to archive, your business applications will send the Electronic Archiving System:

  • the original file, the integrity of which must be guaranteed (possibly with an electronic signature in advance),
  • an XML file containing the associated metadata (e.g. Client ID, document type, document date, project no., reference no., third-party VAT no., sales branch, etc.). It is about the key 'business' words which enable your employees, according to their working habits and type of document, to quickly and effectively find one document among thousands.


Once your IT teams have integrated our Web API, users will be able to continue using your business applications (CRM, ERP, EDM) to access documents without needing a new solutionespecially for this purpose.
Consultation requests made from the internal tool are then sent to Arkhineo's EAS platform which then automatically sends the documents matching the criteria indicated in the metadata.
Authorised users can search and consult the archived documents from your business applications using Arkhineo's HTTP/S API.

How is it deployed?

The Web API uses HTTP/S secure protocol. Arkhineo provides the documentation that your IT teams will need to modify the user interface of your business applications.This will mean the call to the Arkhineo service can be integrated to these business applications.
If necessary, Arkhineo's support service will help you to develop it.

Why might this solution be right for you?

You need a solution that:

  • Cohabits with your existing systems
  • Integrates into all SaaS type solutions and most market software
  • Is fully automated
  • Does not require any manual input or intervention
  • Offers a single interface for upload and consultation
  • Does not affect users' work habits
  • Allows you to control your archiving policies internally
  • Allows you to control access permissions to the archives (duration of storage, user permissions, traceability, etc.)
  • Is adapted to large volumes of data and consultations
  • Is accessible 24/7
  • Guarantees long-term integrity of all your business documents (contracts, client records, etc.)
  • Produces archiving certificates containing all associated pieces of evidence (specific date, fingerprints, seal, etc.).