Arkhineo has designed a standard connector, MyArkhineo for Salesforce, to facilitate the implementation of its service when you use the Salesforce CRM.

MyArkhineo for Salesforce application lets Salesforce clients archive/upload documents linked to standard objects on the Salesforce CRM (account, contract, request or business opportunity) or to personalised objects. Archives can also be consulted via the Salesforce CRM.
This offer enables you to meet your legal storage and compliance obligations.

It is available as a monthly subscription.

Your documents are permanently accessible online via your CRM. It is possible to interface this offer with other applications installed in your Salesforce org. (e.g. receiving files generated and/or electronically signed by a 'prior' application).



Why might this solution be right for you?

You need a solution that:  

  • Guarantees the integrity of your documents throughout your subscription period and ensures they are not lost
  • Offers a very simple economic model. You only pay for what you use (monthly subscription per user) with no initial investment or subscription fees
  • Is easy to install and configure and can be used immediately. An administration module lets you set up and manage access permissions and archiving space
  • Produces archiving certificates containing all associated pieces of evidence (specific date, fingerprints, seal, etc.)
  • Offers a single interface for upload and consultation
  • Archives are uploaded manually; it can be automated when the application is coupled with other applications (e.g. DocuSign)


The offer is available on AppExchange ( Marketplace) and you can get one month’s free trial.