The MyArkhineo portal lets you consult and upload archives manually if you wish via a user interface which can be accessed in a web browser.

There are many benefits to the MyArkhineo portal including the ease of implementing the service. It is a ready-to-use service and does not require any integration or any IT development.
It can also be used with the DocuSign and Arkhineo joint offer.
The MyArkhineo portal is for entities with smaller volumes and/or those not wishing to develop an interface between their business applications and the Arkhineo EAS.


Authentication methods

There are two methods of authentication:

1. Simple authentication using a username and password. This is secured by using a unique IP address configured prior to login as the only 'authorised' connection source.

2. 'Multi-factor' authentication. The user has a username and password but, additionally, their smartphone is linked to their user account and a single-use QR code is generated. Each time they connect it is verified by the MyArkhineo app on the user’s smartphone. This 'multi-factor' authentication (which requires the MyArkhineo app) enables users to consult their archives from any device (iOS or Android), anywhere and at any time.

Archive search

The archive search functions have been designed and developed to be easy to use and to save time during searches.


You can also access statistics about your archives. The pieces of evidence for your archives can also be downloaded via the MyArkhineo portal.




MyArkhineo Mobile App

CDC Arkhinéo has developed a mobile app available on iOS and Android. This application enables:
- use of the multi-factor authentication feature
- access to your archived documents (search, consultation, generation of compliance certificates, monitoring of archive life cycle, statistics, etc.)


Why might this solution be right for you?

You need a solution that: 

  •  Is ready for use
  •  Can be deployed immediately
  •  Is easy to use
  •  Does not require any IT investment (development or integration)
  •  Is adapted to your low volume and/or small number of users
  •  Is accessible 24/7.
  •  Allows uploading of documents 24/7 (according to user permissions)
  •  Guarantees long-term integrity of all your business documents (contracts, client records, etc.)
  •  Produces archiving certificates containing all associated pieces of evidence (specific date, fingerprints, seal, etc.).

Connectors :

CDC Arkhinéo and two of its partners have designed and produced standard connectors to facilitate the implementation of the service.

- DocuSign Connect
- Cloud Access for Salesforce