DS Connect

Arkhineo has designed a standard connector to facilitate the implementation of its service when you use DocuSign electronic signature tools.

These documents are automatically uploaded and stored in your archiving space on the Arkhineo Data Centres.

You can then consult the archived documents from the standard web portal, MyArkhineo. Both platforms can be accessed with the same login details.




Why might this solution be right for you?

You need a solution that:  

  •  Combines electronic signature and electronic archiving
  •  Does not require any development
  •  Mutualises costs by merging these two offers
  •  Guarantees long-term integrity of all your business documents (contracts, client records, etc.)
  •  Can be adapted according to your business needs. Arkhineo and DocuSign offer innovative functions such as archiving on Y and document dispatching (download this document for more information) 
  •  Is accessible 24/7.
  •  Produces archiving certificates containing all associated pieces of evidence (specific date, fingerprints, seal, etc.).


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